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Individual Lessons:
Weekly 30 minute lessons $120

Weekly 45 minute lessons $175

*Tuition is flat monthly rate


Single lesson prices are available, please inquire via email. 


I adhere to the standard 24-hour cancellation policy.  Sufficient notice will be required to grant make-up lessons.

If we have a future conflict with our lesson, please contact me 24 hours before your lesson and we can find a make up lesson within 2 weeks of the cancellation.  We can find another time on another day or add time to existing lessons. 

I am happy to grant one make-up lesson per month. 

I take payments at the top of each month for however many lessons are in the month. 

I will follow school vacations for time off.  I will not have lessons over Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break or Spring Break unless we arrange to have a lesson.




Square Cash/Cash App:


Checks made paypable to:
Colin Jenkins

I will still be holding lessons when school is cancelled.  

As a working musician, there will be times when I will be absent from lessons for touring or local performances. In such instances, you will be notified in advance and tuition will be prorated. These engagements are necessary for me to maintain my skills and value as an educator, and I appreciate your understanding.

I value my students so much!  I look forward to our weekly lessons and finding new avenues for our growth as musicians and creators of art. 

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